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Descriptive but include Focus Keyword

30 Dec What’s Important for SEO?

  Because of the constant innovation at major search engines, SEO changes frequently. Here are some of the biggest ranking factors for search engine rankings as we enter into 2017: Content Relevance and Quality: Search engines still want to match people with the most relevant results for...

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boost your facebook

15 Aug Boosting your post on Facebook

You've probably noticed the "Boost Post" or "Boost Event" buttons on Facebook.  So what is a Boosted Post or Event and how can it help your business?  It's a well know fact that a company or brand page sees less organic reach than personal pages and...

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15 Aug 3 Ways to Spice Up Your Blog

  It can be hard to constantly think of new blogging ideas! Here are 3 ideas for new content to spice up your blog: 1. Guest Posts - There are numerous benefits to guest posts. First of all, there's not much writing you need to do! You may...

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21 Dec How to Manage Your Business’s Online Reputation

  Managing your business's online reputation is a necessity in today's Internet-driven world. We already know that consumers are heavily influenced by online reviews, so it's important to start there. If you've already started working on building and managing your online reviews, what else can do...

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16 Dec How to Get More Online Reviews

  We've already covered why online reviews are so important and what they can do for your business, so you may be wondering HOW to get more great online reviews. Luckily, we have an effective review request tool that can be customized for your business and has...

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