Sending an Effective Email Campaign

Sending an Effective Email Campaign

You may be a pro at sending email campaigns, but are they converting? Every email campaign should have a goal, whether it is to increase purchases, promote a special event, or get more bookings. Use some of the tips below to make sure your email campaigns convert.

1. Make it easy to read and make it easy to convert right away.  Make sure your email campaign is scannable and easy to read. People get a lot of emails and have short attention spans. If someone has opened your email, make it easy for them to do what you want them to do in the opening paragraph. Don’t wait to put that “buy now” or “book now” button at the end of your email. Put it towards the top where it doesn’t require any scrolling to be seen. You can continue on below with more content for those who want to read.

2. Consider using a person’s name as the “from” field instead of your company name. This will help the email feel more personal and can increase open rates. More people opening the email means you have more opportunity for conversions. This tip is especially applicable to smaller businesses.

3. Make it visually appealing. People love beautiful photos and videos. Most email systems now allow you to add videos, and if not, we can always help turn your video link into an image that can link to YouTube for people to watch. Reward people for opening your email and keep them interested with great imagery!

4. Don’t only sell all the time. Again, this is a way of rewarding people for being on your email list. Don’t use every single campaign as only a sales request. Be sure to include useful, relevant information. This could be fun events coming up in your area or tips that are relevant to your product or service. You can also consider sending an email campaign just to say Happy Holidays depending on the time of year.