Boosting your post on Facebook

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Boosting your post on Facebook

You’ve probably noticed the “Boost Post” or “Boost Event” buttons on Facebook.  So what is a Boosted Post or Event and how can it help your business?  It’s a well know fact that a company or brand page sees less organic reach than personal pages and posts. Facebook is constantly trying to balance what subscribers want to see and what advertisers want them to see.  A boosted post is a way for you to highlight a post or event an make sure it gets seen by paying Facebook to show it.  It’s advertising plain and simple.

How do you do it?

  • Create your post or event as normal
  • Select “boost post”
  • Set your audience, facebook allows you to target people who like your page, their friends or you can create a custom audience.
  • Select how much money you want to spend and the duration of time you would like Facebook to boost the post.
  • Facebook will send you a notification if your ad is approved.

Best Practices

  • There’s no need to boost your post or event right away, if you created an engaging post you may get enough organic reach that you don’t need to boost it or maybe you don’t very much organic reach which is a signal to re-work the post.
  • Set a target audience to really hit your market. Facebook allow you target who sees your boosted post based on their location, age, sex, interests, etc.
  • Start with a low dollar amount, you can always add more money to your boosted post later if you need to.  We recommend starting at $5.00 and rarely spend more the $15.
  • If you upload an image to your post make sure there isn’t too much text in the image as Facebook may not approve you post.  They now have an integrated tool you can use to test the amount of text in your image to see if it will pass.