How to Get More Online Reviews

How to Get More Online Reviews


how to get more online reviews

We’ve already covered why online reviews are so important and what they can do for your business, so you may be wondering HOW to get more great online reviews. Luckily, we have an effective review request tool that can be customized for your business and has been proven to get more 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, Google and Yelp.

Some key benefits of our review request tool:


  1. Customization and branding for your business: Forget generic TripAdvisor business cards and plain Jane emails. Our review emails are custom designed to deliver consistent branding throughout your guest’s experience with you.
  2. Constant monitoring, tweaking and testing: We want the best results for you, which is why we are always monitoring, tweaking and testing our tool to make sure it’s the most effective for you.
  3. All-in-one reputation management: Keeping track of your online presence can be hard with how often things change on the web. We keep track of what people are saying about your business and keep you informed in a weekly email and 24/7 access to your client portal.


If you’re ready to learn more about our tool, contact us here! We would love to help you improve your online presence.

Not quite ready to take the plunge? Here are some tips for getting started on your own:

  1. Follow the rules: Don’t violate the guidelines that review sites have set out for you. Some basic rules to follow include not giving any monetary incentive in exchange for a review and not having your own employees write a review for you.
  2. Start the conversation: Don’t be afraid to ask your customers (in person) to write a review of your business. They may not know how important it is to you! This is especially important if you don’t have many reviews yet, because the more reviews you have, the more likely people will be to write their own.
  3. Engage with reviewers: Show past and prospective customers that you care by replying to current reviews, good or bad.