How To Use Your Thank You & Review Emails

How To Use Your Thank You & Review Emails

Your Thank You & Review emails are a great way to encourage happy guests to review you on one of your review pages. You can also send the “no review” email, which gives people a chance to give you feedback before they write a review. To send your Thank You & Review emails:

  • Go to your custom Thank You & Review page. If you don’t have the link or forgot the password, just let us know and we will send it to you.
  • Select the review site that you want to refer your guest to. A form will pop up. Fill out as much information as you can – only the email is required – and click “send.”
  • Don’t send more than one email to any guest or couple.


As a reminder, each Thank You & Review email costs one credit to send. To buy credits, go to Billing, and then Buy Credits & Save on the right hand side. From there, it’s just like online shopping. Just decide how many credits you want and pay with a credit card.


FAQs on thank you & review emails:

  1. Where can I find my password? If you forgot your password, just let us know and we will provide a new one for you.
  2. What do the emails look like? They look very similar to your newsletters. If you haven’t yet, try sending one to yourself to check them out. If you already have and want to see them again, let us know and we’ll send you a preview.
  3. I tried to send myself an email and it didn’t arrive. What’s wrong? This could be 1 of 2 issues. 1: You haven’t purchased credits. To purchase credits, go to Billing and then Buy Credits & Save. Once credits have been purchased, let us know and we will activate the emails. The emails will not send without having been activated.  2: If you’ve already sent one to yourself, it won’t send you another one. This keeps you from sending more than 1 to the same guest and is a setting mandated by Campaign Monitor. If you have a personal email address you haven’t sent it to yet, you can try sending it to that one.