How To Send An Email Campaign

How To Send An Email Campaign

1. Have a plan for your campaign. Questions to answer before writing a campaign:

  • What should this email accomplish?
  • What is your primary call to action?


2. Log into your campaign monitor account here. and click “Create a new campaign”

3. Fill in your Settings.

  • Use a title that you will easily recognize. The recipients do not see the title. It is for your use only.
  • Next is the subject. Use a subject that will grab your audience’s attention. If you can invoke curiosity in your recipients, you will have more opens! What special are you offering? If there is a monetary or % discount, the subject line is the time. If you can use scarcity or time sensitivity, this is the place. (2 Days Only, 15% Off, 6 packages left, etc.)
  • Email and Name – This name and email is what will show up when you send it out. You can send it from your regular company email address, such as [email protected]. If you are comfortable adding personalization and using a [email protected] email address, we suggest doing so.


4. Craft Your Campaign!
Get straight to the point. Why should someone care to read your email, what do you have to offer? This email should not about you or your company, it should be about the value you can provide to the reader.
Use images that will make your audience want to come visit you again, or for the first time if they haven’t already. Use words effectively; don’t overwhelm your audience with endless paragraphs that no one will read.

5. Sending the campaign:

  • Always, always, always review your campaign before sending! If you can, have someone else look over it, too, before you get ready to send. Don’t let a typo or other easy-to-fix error cause the final product to look sloppy. After you have reviewed it thoroughly, continue with the next steps.
  • Choose the recipients from your Lists & Subscribers. You can manually add new subscribers by clicking the green button on the right, too.
  • Move on to “Test & Define Delivery.” Send the test to yourself, send it to someone else in the office, and you can even send it to us! Make sure all links work and everything is in working order.
  • After receiving and viewing the test, click “Next.” Now, schedule your campaign for when you want to send it, or send it immediately. We suggest Tuesday-Thursday afternoons. Finish by making your payment. Campaigns are $5.50 to send and 1.1¢ per recipient.
  • Now, have fun watching your campaign being sent out in real time on Campaign Monitor’s “Worldview” feature! It is on the right of the page in the “Campaign Reports” menu once you select a campaign.