Connecting Instagram and Facebook

Connecting Instagram and Facebook

After you’ve installed Instagram and Facebook on your iPhone, make sure your sharing settings are set up correctly. Go to your iPhone settings, tap Facebook, and make sure Instagram and Facebook are both slid to “on.”

Now, go to Instagram. Go to your profile and tap the gear (settings) in the upper left corner. Tap Sharing Settings and then Facebook. Connect using your Facebook information.

Wait – You’re not ready yet!

By default, you will share to your personal page. Change this by tapping “Share To.” If you are logged into the Facebook account that is the manager for your business fan page, your fan page will be below the default timeline setting. Choose the page you would like to share to.

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Now that you are set to share on your page, start using Instagram! After each photo, you will have many options for filters to use to enhance your photo. Have fun with these! You don’t have to use them all the time, though, especially if it’s a great photo on its own. Once your photo is done, you will have the option to write a caption and share the photo to Facebook, as shown to the right. Be sure to do this each time.

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